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Q:Will papers of the conference be indexed by EI? (本次会议论文是否EI检索?)

A:Papers officially accepted and completely registered will be included into IEEE Xplore database and indexed by EI. (会议正式录取并注册的论文将进入Xplore数据库并EI检索。)

Q:Will the full papers be re-screened after submission? How about the admission rate? (论文全文提交后是否再次进行筛选?录取率是多少?)

A:Screening of the full papers will be much more stringent than the abstract review so as to meet the EI requirement, note that academic standards and English text quality will be crucial for the screening. (论文全文的筛选将比摘要评审更加严格,以达到EI检索的要求,关键是论文的学术水平和英文文字质量。)

Q:Where can I download the full paper template? (在哪下载论文全文模版?)

A:The full paper template is available under the "call for papers" column of the official website. (论文全文模版请见官网,call for papers栏目中。)

Q:If I missed the abstract submission, can I directly submit the full paper? (没赶上摘要投稿,可以直接投稿论文全文么?)

A:No, full paper submission is only limited to those having passed the abstract review. (不可以,只有通过摘要评审的论文才能投全文。)

Q:Can the "poster" selected in abstract submission be changed to "oral"? (摘要投稿时选的poster,可以改成oral么?)

A:Yes, and vice versa. (可以,反之亦可以。)

Q:If the paper is accepted, will conference invitation and the like be issued? (如果论文录用,是否发放会议邀请函之类的?)

A:Notification of acceptance will be issued if the full paper is accepted and the notification can be downloaded from the website. (全文录取后会发录用通知,可从会议网站下载。)

Q:Can the abstract be altered when the full paper is submitted? (投全文时,摘要可以有所改动吗?)

A:Yes, but original abstract can only be supplemented or perfected rather than be replaced. (可以,但是必须是对原摘要的补充和完善,不允许更换。)

Q:If I select "Poster", can I choose not to go to Tianjin? (如果选择Poster,可以不用去天津吗?)

A:Authors must register for the conference and all authors must present their paper or poster in the conference. (论文作者必须注册会议并在会议中宣读或张贴文章的海报。)

Q:Is there any requirement for number of pages in the paper? What if the number of pages exceeds the requirement? (论文的页数是否有要求?超页怎么办?)

A:In principle, length of the paper shall be no more than five pages of A4 paper (see more details about format in the template). (不得超过5页A4纸(格式见模板)。)

Q:How to retrieve paper ID or the password? (论文编号或者密码如何找回?)

A:Authors inquiring paper ID or password may send relevant information to unified mailbox ciced2020@csee.org.cn for the inquiry. (请查询论文编号或者密码的作者,统一发送相关信息至邮箱ciced2020@csee.org.cn查询。)

Q:The full paper submission page has two options—English text and Chinese text. Can the full paper submitted in English text only? (提交论文全文的页面有英文全文、中文全文两个选项,只提交英文版可以么?)

A:Yes, you can submit only English text. Domestic authors can choose whether to submit the Chinese text. (是的,只提交英文即可。至于中文版,国内作者可以选择提交。)

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Deadline of abstract submission

15 August 2020

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Notification of acceptance

31 October 2020

1 September 2020

Deadline of full paper submission

30 November 2020

15 September 2020

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